Review: Wan Chai Corner

Wan Chai Corner, Chinatown, London, W1D 5PD

If you are heading into Chinatown you are most likely going to pick a restaurant at random and receive some incredibly good food. We know of a great place here called the Four Seasons but we decided to try somewhere new and were not disappointed.

Service was a little friendlier than you would normally get from a Chinatown restaurant but to be honest it doesn’t bother me either way when the food is great!

We were seated in a huge bay window at the front which gave us a great view of the world going by but honestly once the food came I quickly forgot the window even existed.

Wan Chai 3

The first thing I noticed was the size of the giant round table we were sat at. It felt a little like we were quite a way from each other but it is the perfect table for people who like to get multiple dishes to share and still have room for your glass and cutlery.

As the waiter waved the salt pepper ribs in front of my face as he lay them on the table the smell made me go mmmmm. That wasn’t even for me, I had ordered steamed pork and chilli dumplings to start. So good. They were topped with a spicy pork and chilli sauce that made them very slippery and almost impossible to pick up with the plastic chopsticks. Wan Chai 1Luckily our whiteness meant that the waiters had already added some forks to our table. Usually I would be disappointed by this as I am pretty good with the chopsticks but was thankful this time around as it saved me having to pick up those amazing dumplings with my fingers!

Crispy chilli beef, duck in ginger and spring onion and some egg fried rice was our following course. The duck was cooked so well and the veg clearly fresh. I’m not really a fan of crispy beef but I happily picked out the peppers and onions from the dish. Wan Chai 2I honestly do not know how they managed to make a simple egg fried rice taste so darn good. Despite being well satisfied I had to finish this rice as to waste it would have been blasphemous.

You get what you pay for in this restaurant. Chinatown offers so much choice though that it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Wherever you choose to consume this wonderful cuisine I do hope you enjoy it.


Review: Honest Burger the 2nd

Honest Burger, London E1 7HP                       9/10

It’s no secret I think these guys make quite possibly the best burgers in London. After a Saturday spent drinking we had a craving for some juicy meat so ended up here.

Much better service here than in the Old Street branch. The place is quite small but being fairly late on a Saturday we managed to grab a table. If the service was slower we definitely would not have been so lucky as there was a constant flow of people the whole time we were here.

This time the special was ‘The Mother Flipper’ which included some crispy chip type things. I’ll be honest I can’t wholly remember what was in it. I didn’t order it myself but my fellow diners did. I  kept it simple and ordered a cheddar cheese burger. The burgers were cooked perfectly to how we ordered them. Toppings fresh and delicious as expected.

The cocktails are great but I will repeat myself in saying that I really don’t like drinking out of those silly white prison cups. I was impressed by being asked about allergies by our super friendly and attentive server.

Despite being a little bit of a blur this trip was as always fast and delicious.

I left out the silly photos of my friends doing the ‘duck face’ on my phone whilst I popped to the loos ha

Review: Byron Burger

Byron Burger, Canary wharf. 7/10

Most likely you know this chain of decent burgers.
The first time I have tried the chicken here and it’s got a nice flavour. The onion rings batter was well seasoned but a little greasy. The ingredients seem fresh which is always preferable.
No issues with anything really. We had a 10 minute wait to be seated but were continuously updated on how close we were to getting a table.
Overall a satisfying quick weekday dinner

Review: Hook Restaurant

Hook Restaurant, Camden, London NW1 7PP

Fish & chips, the ultimate British food. This is pretty much a fancy version of your typical fish and chip shop. Upon walking in the place you get that familiar smell of grease and batter which is kinda what you want when opting to eat fish and chips.

The waitress told us about the fresh, sustainable fish before we ordered our food and I really love this. The fish used for each tantalising option is different depending on the catch of the day. Among the options available on this visit were codling, hake and sea bream. The menu offers different batters and dips for your fish, which is accompanied by seaweed salted chips. There is also chicken, veg, tacos and salad on the menu but the choices are limited.

When our plates came, the table had on it sea bream in lemon and basil tempura batter with garlic truffle sauce, codling with classic panko breadcrumbs and homemade tartar sauce and a side of cucumber and samphire citron salad. Quite a mouthful of dishes for the tongue but not so heavy on the tummy fortunately! The fish was well cooked and the batter was out of this world. I love truffles and so the sauce for me was a perfect match for my dish. The chips actually consisted of potato which usually means a quality chip, though I didn’t really notice the difference of the seaweed salt or much salt at all if I’m being honest. The potato slices tasted great despite the lack of salt though. Unless you are a die hard samphire fan I wouldn’t bother with the side, it didn’t have a great deal of flavour and you don’t really get much for your £4.

We shared a bottle of wine which was pretty good and not a bad price at £20. Perfect portions and great flavours made this a great value meal and I would definitely return. If you are tired of soggy white fish and pale chips this is a great alternative and shows the world that us Brits can make food just as well as anywhere else.

Review: Da Peppino

Da Peppino, Westerham, TN16 1BD

It is unlikely we would ever have come across this little village had we not been looking at properties to rent in the area. It would have been a real shame to be honest because it is absolutely lovely here! The people are so friendly and there are a number of great pubs and restaurants to frequent despite the small size of the place.

We didn’t end up moving to the flat here but we had a meal in a lovely Italian place called Da Peppino.

Fantastic service from an all Italian staff.

Real Italian ingredients and top quality meat used in the dishes such as the tasty sausage in my pasta dish and the veal featured.

Mouth watering desserts that taste as good as they look!

Great offers for loyal customers or one timers like ourselves. We were offered a free shot of limoncello merely for liking their new Facebook page.

On par with a standard London meal price wise and worth every penny.


Review: Camden Eye

Camden Eye Pub, London NW1 9NX

I don’t really review pubs unless I eat in them. We didn’t plan to eat here but so much wine was consumed we thought it might be a good idea to order some pizza to soak up some of that grape goodness.

I am so glad we did order food because the pizza here is great! Proper Italian pizza made in a wood-fired oven with quality toppings and not too much cheese. The pizza menu is heavily influenced by goat’s cheese, for what reason I am unaware, but we just ordered ours minus the cheese from the goat. My friend chuckled while ordering the ‘How to Impress Angelina Jolie’ pizza which comes complete with olives, caramelised onions, walnuts and the missing goat’s cheese. The name apparently came from THE Angelina Jolie saying that it was the best pizza she had ever tasted. My pizza was famous haha. I know I was intoxicated but my taste buds were still working and I enjoyed every bite of this pizza. I may have even dreamt about it that night.

How To Impress Angelina Jolie

Mmm Pizza

The day we stumbled into this pub also happened to be karaoke night. Score! We didn’t sing however because the talent here was just so incredible I would be embarrassed to speak to these singers let alone sing in front of them. I was in awe and I had a really enjoyable night. Possibly the best pub in Camden?


I am incredibly lucky enough to have seen hundreds if not thousands of truly spectacular landscapes all over the world. It’s pretty much impossible to narrow down the best ones but here is just a taster of my collection.

Sabang Beach, Philippines

Sabang Beach, Philippines


Taal Volcano, Philippines

Mountain swim

Hallstatt, Austria

Misty Mountains

Coron Island, Philippines


Saltburn, Yorkshire


Zakynthos, Greece


Taman Ujung Water Palace, Bali


****All photos are my own****

Review: Blue Junction

Blue Junction Bar & Restaurant SM4 8/10

Very friendly staff in this Indian restaurant.
The food was very tasty. The curries have the perfect mix of flavour and heat like a true curry must!
Get a sizzling starter to share. It is a bit of a show and smells absolutely fantastic as it is walked from the kitchen to your table.

Something was a little off with my drink, I think it may have been a cheap not so nice tasting cola but the beers were cold.
The tables are nicely spread out so it’s a nice place to take your time but book on the weekends as it will be very busy.
I would definitely return if in the area again

Short Story 1: A Sting in my Tale

***The blurb: To try to keep my creative juices flowing I have an app on my Ipad that randomly picks 3 words for me. I take those 3 words and create a little short story from them***

Odd couple. Colonial. Hospital.

Queenie came bustling through the room door exclaiming in her loud voice “Oh my poor husband, what have you done now? I told you I don’t need you to make the honey, honey. I have it all under control. My little stinger, now I have to take time out of my busy day to visit you in this ugly green room until you are fixed.”

Gordon winced as his wife belittled him once more, especially as the beautiful butterfly nurse was attending to him when she burst in. However he let her off for now because she was holding in her hand his all time favourite snack.

“Oh he’s fine sweetie,” she said as she forcefully but politely ushered the nurse out the door barely leaving it on its hinges as she slammed it on her heels. Queenie threw the box of coconut cocoa caterpillars on the bed in front of him, forcing a smile and stroking his antennae in a seemingly soothing manner. “Silver lining to all this is my worker bees have really come together as a team since sharing jokes about your accident. Which is great since they were all at each other’s throats over getting the field with the best dandelions this year. It has really been tough for all of us lately with the flower shortage and all.” The queen bee gave a faint questioning smile in Gordon’s direction hoping he would agree with her.

Figures all she cares about is her worker bees he thought to himself. He was getting really tired of always coming second to her ‘oh so important’ job. At least he could comfort himself in the fact that any of the drones that got to spend the night with his wife never got to see her again whereas he was lucky enough to come home to this crazy, strong but stubborn woman every day. Am I lucky? Was Gordon’s following thought. As he was contemplating this he was simultaneously blocking out his wife rattling on about all the trouble and strife of her career. It was probably something he had already heard many times before anyway. If she questioned him on his inattention he would just blame the painkillers that were keeping him delightfully buzzed.

As he drifted back to his surroundings and looked into his wife’s eyes he confirmed to himself that we was very lucky indeed. He married the woman of his dreams despite all the challenges they faced due to their inter-species relationship. He smiled at this beautiful woman and asked her if she remembered the time she beat a cricket with her umbrella when he called them heathens while they were on a date in their favourite restaurant. He didn’t feel emasculated then, he felt so utterly proud to be in the company of this woman, especially when she received a round of applause from the other diners. Gordon never felt as though he and his wife were different, he always felt completely in sync with her despite their different backgrounds. “Of course I remember!” Queenie exclaimed, “It was one of the most fun things I have ever done to a person with such ignorance, and I think my attempt to impress you worked.” She winked at her husband and he felt his heart leap just as it had done the very first time he had met her. Gordon figured he couldn’t complain about his wife wearing the trousers in the relationship when from day one she was the one wooing him and standing up for the couple in many uncomfortable situations.

Queenie began to wonder whatever made her husband think of the incident that encouraged her to continue her courtship with him despite having her doubts about getting involved with a wasp of all creatures. Wasps were notorious for being spiteful little things but her husband broke all the rules on this one. He was the most wonderful man she had ever had the chance to meet and she just wished that he could forget about the parts of her job that forced her to mate with other bees. She never once compared him to any of those dull drones, she never even considered them as anything other than tasks of her job. “I’m sorry for going on about my job so much my love,” she said sincerely. “It just seems like work, work, work is the only thing I do anymore.”

“It’s OK Queenie, I know how much your job means to you but maybe we can fix that. When I am up and flying again let’s go on holiday! It’s been years since we went away together, just the two of us and simply relaxed.”

“That’s a wonderful idea! I’m sure the hive can survive without me for a week or two and I know just the place!”


Queenie and Gordon whizzed by each other giggling and cheering as they dropped in and out of Cola cans half buried in the sand at ‘Nectar resort’ in the Caribbean. You couldn’t even tell that just 6 weeks before Gordon was holed up in hospital with a broken wing as he tumbled through the air with delight. ‘This is just what I needed’, thought Queenie as she filled herself with sugary delights. The happy couple flew towards each other, clasped hands and declared their love without a care in the world. If anybody had a problem with it they could speak to Queenie’s umbrella.