I am incredibly lucky enough to have seen hundreds if not thousands of truly spectacular landscapes all over the world. It’s pretty much impossible to narrow down the best ones but here is just a taster of my collection.

Sabang Beach, Philippines

Sabang Beach, Philippines


Taal Volcano, Philippines

Mountain swim

Hallstatt, Austria

Misty Mountains

Coron Island, Philippines


Saltburn, Yorkshire


Zakynthos, Greece


Taman Ujung Water Palace, Bali


****All photos are my own****



I have to say otters are one of my favourite animals. The photos I snapped of these cheeky baby otters say it all really.

Otters 2

Watching them play games and entertain each other you can see how they clearly display a fair amount of intelligence.

OttersOtters 4

When it was nearing feeding time they started to cry out for their tea!

Otters 3Otters 1


****All photos are my own****

Water Sports

Despite the water temperature being mighty chilly in the UK there seems to be a continuing rise in water sports all over the country.


Surfing at sunset in Saltburn, Yorkshire

Watersports -Surfer


A beginner windsurfer in Herne Bay, Kent

Watersports - Windsurfer

Windsurfing in Redcar, Yorkshire

Watersports - Windsurfer 2


Kitesurfing also in Herne Bay, Kent

Watersports -Kitesurfer

Me personally I prefer a much nicer climate. I opted for speedboating in Zakynthos, Greece 😉


****All photos are my own****

Monkeying Around

According to National Geographic chimpanzees are “our closest living relatives, sharing more than 98 percent of our genetic blueprint.” Do you see yourself in this guy?


Despite being able to walk upright like ourselves they tend to walk on all fours or on their knuckles. Humans have apparently evolved from our ancestors who also used to partake in this knuckle-walking. It does seem a little less strenuous to walk upright.  I believe a new fitness craze involves crawling around the floor in a similar way, perhaps this way of walking is what keeps these guys in shape.

Chimp 3

Chimps are generally plant based eaters but are known to have an incredibly varied diet. Well eating the same thing everyday is just dull isn’t it 🙂

Chimp 1


****All photos are my own****

Red Panda

I LOVE animals but one of my favourites is the adorable red panda. These mammals native in Asia are known to be quite shy so I was very lucky to catch this little fellow at Whipsnade zoo grabbing a snack.

red panda branchP1000375

I am not sure he found it that tasty!

I also managed to catch the little guy taking a nap high up in a tree. I hope I didn’t wake him!

P1000376red panda tree


****All photos are my own****