Review: Cannick Tapps

Cannick Tapps, Cannon St, London EC4N 5AD                  7/10

Right in the heart of the city this little basement pub serves 5 different craft beers on tap which they regularly update. It has a feel of being newly decorated, not sure if this is the case or not. It has just changed management so it might change a bit from this visit. It used to have a reputation for a rocky type place but now seems as though it attracts the suits after work which makes sense considering the location. It’s a great place to head to on the weekends if you don’t like crowds.

The pub serves one of my favourite ciders, Rekorderlig strawberry & lime, on tap which is something I have never seen before. It offers attractively decorated booths with great lighting.

The staff are very friendly which is always great for a drinking establishment. The food menu is heavily focussed on sausages that they get from ‘the best butcher in London’. Naturally we had to try some of these so we got the ‘sausage board’ along with some nachos because who doesn’t love those?! I have to say the sausages are really tasty and you can tell are great quality. The nachos were well loaded with salsa, guacamole and sour cream but I would prefer a more mixed spread of the toppings rather than separated but I guess that is preference 🙂

As expected in the area the drinks are pricey but it’s not a bad place to head to for a chilled weekend hang out.


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