Review: Goodman

Goodman, City (near Bank) Old Jewry EC2R 10/10
I think this is quite possibly the first time I have walked away from a London restaurant without one single bad thing to say about the experience.
The service was incredibly polite and helpful. The lady that served us was in chef whites and she brought over the steak cuts and explained everything to us. She offered us help with choosing the wine. She underestimated how much meat we could eat but I won’t hold this against her 🙂 IMG_20170126_200702She found out it was my partner’s birthday and put a candle in our desserts with a nice message and comped them for us too! Really very nice, completely unexpected and not something they had to do at all.
The drinks were superb! All served in fantastic quality glasses.
The steak was perfectly cooked and cut like butter with such a great flavour.
Their truffle chips are out of this world. Just foodie heaven.
The desserts were also very good. I would suggest the creme brulee.
The City branch is all brown leather and mood lighting. It was a little like a boys club as I think they get mostly business clients but it was a nice atmosphere all the same.
It is pricey but you definitely get what you pay for.
If ever you are looking for a treat and have a little cash to spend I would thoroughly recommend this place…unless you don’t like steak of course!


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