People that Inspire me 1 

Jack Reacher

I know he is a fictional character but that doesn’t prevent me from in some way wanting to be a bit more like him. Maybe in some way Lee Child, the author, has a desire to be like his character also. Could be a great motivator to develop a character in fiction.

First of all, Jack Reacher has something that very few of us in life do. Freedom. He isn’t tied down by anything at all. In a way this has left him to be alone but he never comes across as lonely. He has affairs of the heart on occasion but his desire for freedom never allows these to last. He is comfortable with walking around with absolutely nothing but the clothes on this back. Pretty much all of us have family, loved ones, dependents, responsibilities so this is probably completely unachievable today but it doesn’t stop me dreaming about living his life sometimes.

Something that I always admire in people is strength. Not physical strength, although Jack Reacherthat can often be quite impressive but strength of the mental variety. I, for many reasons that I don’t really want to get into right now, believe that I have a fair amount of mental toughness but Reacher is a whole new level of impressive. If he thinks something up he just goes right on and does it. I let so many things get in the way of my dreams that I am sometimes surprised I get anything done at all.

Honesty is something that I value a great deal in life and something you don’t come across too often. Reacher doesn’t mince his words and it is fantastic. I love meeting people in the world who are like this and hopefully am a bit like this myself.

Brains are dead sexy. I’m not exactly dumb but Mr Reacher has the ability to assess a situation, predict people’s actions, talk or act his way out of any horrendous situation and find solutions to every dilemma. As a military police officer and a civilian following that, he manages to solve every case he works on no matter how difficult. It’s a little far fetched but I don’t know that there aren’t real people out there in the world with the same capabilities.

Possibly when you put all these things together you get a guy who doesn’t take s**t from anyone. This for me is something I wish I could mirror more as I am not all that great at standing up for myself. It is not only for himself however, he sticks up for anybody that seems to be mistreated and that is incredibly admirable. I always try to help people and often wish I had the strength to work so much harder for those who are not as fortunate as myself.

Everybody loves a hero.


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