Review: Sodo Pizza Cafe

Sodo Pizza Cafe, hidden in the George & Vulture pub, N1 6BU.    8/10

This is a quick one. I am always on a quest to find amazing Italian pizza in London because well Italian’s make the best food in the world!! I am very lucky to live a 2 minute walk from this pub that has the Sodo Pizza Cafe hidden inside as the pizza here is great! Quite possibly the best I have had in Central London. If you know of somewhere equally amazing please do leave it in the comments, it would be much appreciated.

I only have one picture because my phone failed me this evening. I opted for a ‘Dirty Boy’ pizza and not because it was fun to say 🙂  The pizza pictured below is ‘Cured Meat’ which is a selection of amazing Italian meats with some chillis added for fun. You can taste the real Italian ingredients used to make these pizzas. You know when you catch yourself making that mmm sound when eating? This happened.

Sourdough makes it lighter than your average pizza which is always welcome. For gluten free folk they offer a base of cannelloni beans baked with the toppings which I thought sounded like a tasty and inventive pizza alternative. Once again mmmm.



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